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Nelson Weld Studs


BOLTCO of South Florida stocks a full line of Nelson Weld Studs from ½” x 2 1/8” through 7/8” x 8 3/16”.  We sell Weld Studs, Shear Connectors and Headed Concrete Studs by the piece or by the pallet. 

BOLTCO supplies steel bridge fabricators, structural steel fabricators and structural steel erectors with all their Weld Studs needs.  Whether you are shooting Studs through Deck Panels on a multi story building using weld through deck ferrules, manufacturing steel embeds or concrete embeds for the tilt wall industry or shooting studs on a massive bridge structure, BOLTCO can supply your Nelson Stud quickly and at very competitive prices.

We ship nation wide and to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.


BOLTCO 800-822-0491